Ephesus Ultra


  • VMT27K, 9Mart 2024 (Cumartesi) saat 08:30’da start alacaktır. 


  • During the race participants will run on track which is marked by organization. Signs are min 10 mts max 100 mts apart as per condition of track.
  • Following signs is runner's responsibility. Getting lost is in nature of trail races 28K.
  • Organization team can change the trail before the race. Runners will be informed concerning changes before the race.
  • Some of the tracks can pass through roads that are opened to traffic. It is the responsibility of the participant to obey the traffic rules and pay attention to the vehicles and pass safely.
  • Runners under 18 can not participate to VMT27K
  • Mandatory equipment control will be made at kit table ,right before start time. Kit delivery will not be made to the participants who do not show their mandatory equipment.
  • Participants must have a 6-month health certificate or an approved athlete license from a sports federation.


  • The finish cut-off time of the VMT 27K is 5 hours.
  • It has UTMB 20K qualification.
  • Start İstasyon Meydanı (0 km) Location
  • CP1 Ayrım (6.7km)
  • CP2 Meryem Ana Çıkış (11.9km) 
  • CP3 Efes Üst Kapı (18.8KM) Location
  • Fınısh İstasyon Meydanı Cut-off 13:30 Location
  • *Garmin data is used in the data of the tracks (Descent, distance, etc.). 

Mandatory materials

  • **Zorunlu malzeme kontrolleri kit masasında ve start anında yapılacaktır. Kit masasında zorunlu malzemelerini göstermeyen katılıcılara kit teslimi yapılamamaktadır.
  • Water container, minimum one liter capacity (water bag, bottle, etc.)
  • Glass
  • Health Report or sport License
  • Çanta veya freebelt


1.09.2023-29.10.2023 565 TL
30.10.2023-31.12.2023 630 TL

participant list